What is Teemo?

Teemo is a digital video platform that allows content producers to sell and distribute content through different payment models instead of relying on advertising as the only option to create profitable video channels.
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What's So Great About Teemo?

Ok, let's say you're a guitar player who uploads awesome video content to streaming distribution channels like YouTube and Vimeo. Your fans love learning new chords and tunes by watching your content, but it's really tough to make any real money off the ads.

Or maybe you're a chef who's also teaching your small fan base how to cook better food. You've spent a good chunk of change to by some decent lighting and sound equipment, and you're sharing well produced content. The compensation however just isn't enough to cover the costs.

Or, say you're a comedian who uploads awesome video content to streaming distribution channels like YouTube and Vimeo. Your fans love laughing out loud to your new performances. Even if you're any public figure or wish to become one and make good money off of it, you would definitely be needing more than ads to make you some real money for your talents.

Teemo is here to solve these problems. There are too many quality content producers online all vying for YouTube success, online to find that outside of being a viral sensation, ad revenue isn't the answer. But what if you could set your own prices to stream and download your video content and let your fans compensate you directly for your production efforts? Teemo has built the platform that will allow you to do just that!


Teemo is taking video streaming to the next level, and helps creators make real money for their efforts.

Mobile-First Interface.

Teemo allows you to easily shoot, edit, and upload video right from your mobile device.

Name Your Price.

Sell individual streams or downloads, or bundle your content as a monthly subscription.

Production Features

Edit and enhance your videos and channel with in-app tools that enhance your video production.

High Quality Playback

Ditch the annoying ads and poor playback with high-definition video streaming.

Build & Cultivate Your Fanbase

Interact with your fans and give them the tools to share your story with the world.

Offer Fans Multiple Pricing Options

Stream free teaser content and offer fans multiple secure payment options.

Who's Using Teemo?

Teemo was created to help quality video content producers have more control over how they earn money from their efforts and to offer their fans a different video watching experience then they used to. Here are just a few examples of people earning more with Teemo...

  • Musicians offer paid downloads and monthly subscriptions for fans.
  • Computer technicians offering paid tutorials to help solve problems.
  • Fashion designers sharing how-to videos for the DIY stylist.
  • Dozens of other educators teaching others through the power of video.

Decide How You Want to Sell

With Teemo, you get to decide the best method for how you want to sell your content. Test different models and see which one fits your audience!

Start with a free channel and upsell video teasers to access additional content. Allow one-time downloads. Or grab your super-fans with monthly subscription models.


Here's just a taste of the mobile-ready production suite you'll experience with Teemo.

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